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Lithium Ion Battery iTECH200 12v 200Ah Deep Cycle



iTECH200 200Ah 12V Lithium-ion Battery LiFePO4

We are introducing our latest lithium battery, the iTECH200. A massive 200 Amps of high-performance useable DC power coupled with the Redback™️ Lithium Operating System which ensures iTechworld’s lithium batteries will outperform and outlast all others on the market. Designed specifically for use with inverters up to and including 3000W.

BMS/OPERATING SYSTEM: 100% of the iTECH200’s capacity is usable. The internal BMS allows 250A continuous discharge; other sub-standard lithium batteries have either no continuous discharge rating or a low continuous discharge rating of 50A – 100A. The iTECH200’s internal BMS controls cell balancing, over and under-voltage protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection, and has over-discharge protection (safe mode).

CAPACITY: The iTECH200 200Ah Lithium-ion is the equivalent to 400Ah in lead-acid batteries (based on the standard depth of discharge of the iTECH200 (100%) and lead-acid battery (50%).

WEIGHT: The iTECH200 weighs just 27kg the equivalent lead-acid battery weighs 120+kg.

USE MOST CHARGERS: The iTECH200 will charge up to 5x faster than lead-acid batteries. The iTECH200 can charge from just about all existing chargers with no extensive modifications required to existing systems.

LIFE SPAN: The iTECH200 can cycle up to 5000 times at 50% depth of discharge. A lead-acid equivalent can cycle up to 500 times at a 50% depth of discharge. The iTECH200 has little to no self-discharge rate(≤2%), the battery can sit for long periods and will not go flat.

AUSTRALIAN: Designed and developed in Australia for use with caravans, camper trailers, motor homes, 4WD, boats, yachts, trucks and everything in-between. The iTECH200 will operate flawlessly in extreme heat and will handle heavy vibrations usually associated with corrugated roads.



Heavy duty case

Can be connected in parallel (up to 4)

Can be connected in series (up to 4)

High discharge current max 500A (5sec)

Heavy-duty removable M8 Bolt Battery terminals


Lithium-ion LiFePO4

Lifting handles fitted to ensure a secure hold when moving

Inbuilt battery management system

Redback™️ Lithium Operating System installed as standard.

Built-in over-discharge protection.



Charging Voltage: 14.4 to 14.7v

Standard discharge current: 250A

Max discharge current: 500A (5sec)

Standard charge current: 100A

Maximum charge current: 150A

Output connector: M8 Stud

Waterproof to IP65.

Dimensions: 525x240x220mm (LxWxH) per unit (Height 235mm including terminals)

Optimal charge temp range: 0°c to + 45°c

Optimal discharge temp range: -20°c to + 60°c

Optimal storage temp: -10°c to + 45°c

Uses standard M8 Studs

Weight: 27kg each



1x Lithium Battery iTECH200

Pre-installed Redback™️ Lithium Operating System


The statutory warranty is 36 months from the date of purchase.

Storage deep cycle battery only. It is not a cranking battery.