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Lithium Car Battery 12V Stop Start 1420amp 60Ah



1300CCA 12 Volt Lithium Stop Start Cranking Car Battery 60Ah.

iTechworld have developed right here in Australia a new lithium battery specific for the Australian market. Its called the ITECH1420CA, it will have a major impact on the Australian battery industry. This battery break-through is creating a lot of buzz and excitement. The iTECH1420CA is a 60 Amp Hour lithium battery that has been designed and developed by Australian, family owned and operated company, iTechworld. Currently, lead acid batteries dominate the car starting market around the world. But there’s a superior alternative to these traditional heavy batteries. That alternative is the iTECH1420CA. This new technology will allow the use of lighter more powerful lithium batteries to start cars, 4WD’s, boats and more. The biggest issue with older lithium battery technology is that they required a specialised charger. These still do but they can be also changed from a car alternator. The design and development team at iTechworld have studied the market and have brought together the most advanced lithium cranking battery available anywhere in the world. The iTECH1420CA.

The iTECH1420CA weighs considerably less than your existing lead acid batteries. Equivalent in capacity to a 120 Amp Hour lead acid battery that weighs upwards of 30kg, the iTECH1420CA lithium battery weighs just 8kg, yes you did read that correctly, just 8kg. 5 years of development on the iTECH1420CA has enabled iTechworld to pre-install advanced battery technology into each unit. This is what sets the iTECH1420CA in a class of its own.
The iTECH1420CA is one of the few lithium battery in the world able to produce this high amount of power suitable for cranking use. It can deliver a up to massive 1500 Cranking Amps. The battery management system in each battery has been designed specifically for the demanding Australian market. This internal technology allows you to deliver this amount of cranking power. The pre-installed internal technology also allows you to use existing charging systems such as car alternators, lithium battery chargers and solar panels with lithium profile regulators.

You can simply remove your old heavy battery and put the new lightweight iTECH1420CA in its place. It’s as easy as that. The iTECH1420CA is one of the only drop-in upgrade for your existing old and heavy lead acid battery. One iTECH1420CA lithium battery is the equivalent to 120AH in lead acid in capacity. You are probably already familiar with the tedious process of replacing a lead acid battery once every two or three years. This is a thing of the past as an investment in an iTECH1420CA lithium battery will give you a much more, a clean and light weight power source that can do up to 4 times as many cycles as your lead acid battery. A cycle is how battery life is measured. Each cycle one full discharge and then one full re-charge of a battery. A standard lead acid battery can cycle approx. 500 times. The iTECH1420CA can cycle approx. 1500 times. The iTECH1420CA is the only lithium battery with 1500 Cranking Amps that we know off.

The only Lithium Ion Batteries that can be charged using normal 12V car alternator and lithium battery charger.
NOT SUITABLE for 24V applications.

Heavy duty case
High discharge current 1500 Cranking Amps
Heavy duty battery terminals
Maintenance free
Lithium ion
Lifting handle fitted to ensure secure hold when moving
iTechworld Battery Management System installed as standard.
Over discharge protection

Nominal Voltage: 12.8v
Max discharge current or Cranking Amps : 1500CA ( <5sec )
Cold Cranking amps 1300CCA ( At -20C )
Standard discharge current: less than 200A
Charging Voltage: 14.7v or less
Discharge cut off Voltage: 8v
Standard charge current: less than 30A
Max charge current 160A
Usable capacity 60Ah
Case material ABS
IP Rating is IP64
Life cycles 1500
Auto post terminals
Weight: 8kg
Dimensions: L*W*H 280*176*190mm ( Height including terminals )
Optimal working temp range: -20°c to + 80°c
* Please note specification can change at any time.


1x 1420AH 12V Lithium Cranking Battery
Pre-installed Battery Management System.

Statutory warranty is 24 months from date of purchase.