images-fleetRunning a successful fleet takes a lot of planning, time and effort. The need for maintenance services is never-ending. Preventive maintenance is critical in maintaining fleet efficiency and reducing cost per kilometre. Costs must be monitored and controlled to make your fleet cost-effective. We understand the responsibilities you have in managing your fleet. We also understand the hassles.

That’s why our fleet Maintenance program has been designed to:
• Reduce your fleet downtime
• Lower your cost per kilometre
• Increase your fleet’s value – a well maintained fleet pays off in the long run.

Our Fleet Maintenance Program uses quality people and equipment to assist you in meeting your fleet needs.

The key elements of our program are:
• Fleet vehicles are maintained to manufacturers spec which keeps your new car warranty
• Your vehicles are monitored on a time and kilometre basis
• You receive notification when your vehicles are due for service
• We offer a16 point service check
• Each vehicle receives 6 months free roadside assistance Australia wide
• Pick up and drop off service provided in Brendale area


1. We visually inspect your headlights.
2. We visually Inspect your tail lights.
3. We visually inspect your indicators.
4. We visually inspect your battery terminals.
5. We visually inspect your radiator coolant condition and level.
6. We visually inspect and top up your brake fluid.
7. We visually inspect your brake pads and rotors.
8. We visually inspect and top up your differential fluid.
9. We visually inspect and top up your battery fluid.
10. We visually inspect and top up your power steering fluid.
11. We visually inspect and top up your transmission fluid.
12. We top up you windscreen wiper fluid.
13. We visually inspect your air filter. 14. We check your tyre pressures and rotate if required.
15. We clean your front and rear window exterior.
16. We lube all of your door and boot hinges.

Additional services available to fleet participants at special prices

• Cooling System Service
• Automatic Transmission Service
• Air Filter Replacement
• Cabin Filter Replacement
• Injector Service
• Power Steering Service
• Air-conditioner Bacteria Treatment


images-fleet2We are able to offer you the services outlined in this program because we have the people, training and products necessary to provide you with quality, professional, consistent service. We take pride in having employees who are eager to learn, listen and assist customers at all times.

Our technicians have been trained in hands-on knowledge and skills needed to service your vehicles and to complete the relevant paperwork that is necessary. Everyone on our staff has been trained to courteously and efficiently communicate with customers. We are all dedicated to your satisfaction.

Now is the time to take advantage of the Preventive Maintenance program that will keep your fleet productive and reduce your cost per kilometre.

Sign up for the Fleet Maintenance Program today!